About Us

We're your Creative Collaborators - the ones behind the scenes that make creative projects come to life!

 Since 1993, Agro Arts has been designing & creating dynamic artworks, interpretive exhibits, sculptures, immersive theme environments, public art, artifact replicas & so much more. Our client collaborators are as diverse as our abilities. They include museums, designers, theme parks, hospitals, film/tv, airports, businesses, artists & the list goes on.

We combine creativity & technical skill to design and fabricate anything from the fun & fantastical to the downright serious. As professional artists, designers and fabrication specialists with over 28 years experience, we have the knowledge & expertise to create amazing works balanced with creativity & functionality. Our close working relationships with our extensive network of skilled arts & trade professionals ensure an effortless process which yields extraordinary results. 

Regardless of your budget, we strive to provide you with the best creative solutions to match your resources. Our clients are afforded the peace of mind that all aspects of their projects are taken care of on schedule and on budget. We manage the fabrication, installation and implementation of the final work with continuing support throughout your project's lifetime. From concept to creation, we collaborate closely with you to fulfill your artistic goals and exceed your expectations!


We strongly believe in fostering close working relationships with our clients in order to develop a result that is unique to you. Our passion lies in immersing ourselves in collaborating with you to develop a customized creative solution.



Generating ideas, exploring and refining a concept is the most important part of any project because a solid foundation is the basis for an outstanding final result.     Our process of client consultation and research evokes ideas and concepts that are unique, inspired and tailored to the specific needs of your project.


We work in a multitude of materials. We produce works in most any style, scale and material. Each project requires a tailored approach and we have the technical knowledge and experience to produce outstanding results. We thrive on tackling new and exciting challenges that test our abilities and versatility.


Imaginative creations delight the senses and awaken curiosity. We provide a transformative experience for your clients or patrons. In our hands, original concepts and designs, sculpture, paint and fabrication in all their forms come together to produce fantastic results!

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