BC Children's Hospital Teck Acute Care Centre   
"Flavelle Family Wellness Garden"          Vancouver, BC

We won a rigorous competition to collaborate with BC Children's Hospital on an exciting feature for BC Children's Hospital's new Teck Acute Centre with funds donated by the Flavelle family. We created over 1600 square feet of interactive recuperative play space featuring a fun "Seek and Find" experience and a much needed respite for the children, parents and staff. Positive visual distractions abound with possibilities for new discoveries and tactile experiences at every turn to capture and inspire each child's imagination. Showcasing the flora and fauna of the forests and wetlands of British Columbia, 69 life-sized, sculpted animals and insects of bronze and resin inhabit this lively "Wellness Garden" in the heart of the hospital. The 25 wooden posts transform into ancient cedars and mighty oak trees when adorned with decorative metal tree top cut-outs within which birds, insects and animals hide and await discovery. Surrounding the trunks of these trees are 16 decorative metal cut-outs of mammals, birds, insects, fungi, ferns and reeds. We even created colouring book pages based on our animal characters for the children to enjoy. Our goal was to create a place where the hospital setting can briefly disappear to provide the opportunity for the patients to get back to just being curious kids!

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