"Foundations"        Port Moody, BC 

We were chosen to create a site specific public art installation for Aragon Development Corp.'s residential/retail development in Port Moody. From the time of its founding by Col. Moody, docks and piers were constructed along the shores of Burrard Inlet. The area was used as a naval reserve and, as the town grew, Port Moody became home to many lumber mills and a thriving community. Still visible to this day are a great number of the pier pilings which were the foundations of those mills. They stand as silent sentinels of the past. This series of sculptures represent the foundations of the community and how our past informs our future. They are symbolic of the citizens and the idea that individuals who work together and support each other can accomplish great things. They express our precious collective heritage, the solid foundations on which the community is built and how current generations can be inspired and learn by looking to the past. Each sculpture is hand sculpted in cement, down to the last detail, with bas relief depictions of integral elements of Port Moody's heritage emerging from the faux wood pilings and completed in a bronze finish.

Photos of the Project Coming Soon!

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