"The Queens Glass Tie"    Port Moody, BC 

The City of Port Moody and The Rotary Club of Port Moody awarded us the opportunity to create our design for a landmark archway called “The Queens Glass Tie” which pays tribute to the rich rail, naval and industrial heritage of Port Moody while providing opportunities for community engagement. The centre "glass railway ties" are adorned with imagery representing the two main sponsors and the remaining skewed "ties” are to be utilized by the community to display images or text of their choosing. Whether it’s their artworks, poetry, seasonal themes, charitable campaigns, community events or whatever their imaginations can muster, these participatory community interactions are created via the application of printed or cut exterior vinyl to the underside of each of the “glass ties”. Fabricated in concrete and brick, Lexan panels, curving aluminum rails and steel poles and brackets painted to appear as if made of wood.

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